What is RCM Access?

RCM Access is the next generation of concierge services for equities traders who make their own decisions but see the value in having additional expertise and individual assistance. We offer access to our team of knowledgeable market professionals and a personal relationship to assist you in trading your own account.

RCM ACCESS is part of the integrated team at RCM Financial Services. At RCM
Financial services, we operate 6 different business lines in order to provide a full
service concierge experience for our clients. Our team includes experts in wealth
management, alternative investments, futures trading, corporate benefits and
insurance. As a valued added service to our clients, we offer direct and discounted
access to the other divisions of RCM Financial Services. Our expert team has
decades of experience which allows us to offer a truly integrated and valuable
experience to our clients.

What to Expect:

The RCM ACCESS team is committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. That’s why we’re driven to provide you with more intuitive investment tools that allows you to plan and understand risk with proactive support services and resources designed to help you make better investment decisions.

We believe customer service means more than putting a friendly, knowledgeable person on the phone. Our service professionals are ready to help you from opening an account to using every aspect of the platform to optimize your trading strategy.

ACCESS clients have the freedom to manage their accounts from anywhere using the mobile applications provided by our custodians. Our unique service is intended for the proactive investor who is looking for a disciplined approach and high value for a low price.

The RCM Difference:

Access insight and assistance from RCM market veterans who’ve accrued years of experience on exchange floors, in large wire houses, independent investing boutiques and proprietary trading firms.

RCM Access accounts are only offered on a non-discretionary, fee-based structure—meaning we don’t earn a cent from commissions from any transactions our clients make. You call the shots with the full service of an RCM Access professional to assist with execution, research, education, and strategy formulation. All part of our elite concierge brokerage services.

Our Services:

RCM Access offers first class trading software and customer-oriented concierge services that can benefit both new and experienced traders.

We aggregate our clients through the Access platform to provide a syndicated solution for lower commission rates. We believe commission should not have an impact on the profit potential of the trades you make.