Brendan Walsh

Brendan Walsh

Investment Advisor


Brendan Walsh is a Corporate Benefits and Financial Advisor at RCM Wealth Advisors, with responsibility for growing company 401ks and his own private wealth clients. He has in his second year in the financial services industry. Through his experience, he has developed expertise in the benefits needs of startups. On the private wealth side he has customized his practice to serve the needs of tech employees holding equity, associate lawyers, and medical professionals. He helps these professionals with student loans, protection of equity strategies, first time home purchases or upgrades, insurance, investments, and growth to serve retirement.


Previous Experience and Education

He is a member of the SBAC, the Chicago Small Business Advocacy Council and has served as a leader and founding member of the Chicago Wolfpack. This is a professional group of varied industry members to provide full support and trustworthy service to his clients in every industry outside of RCM’s financial services. He received his degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Economics.


Specific Work Responsibilities

At RCM, he is responsible for Startup 401ks and his own private wealth clients. He is frequently working with business owners, startups, the Chicago entrepreneur scene, and families advancing in their careers. At RCM, and also manages the tech development along with Kurtis Kerstein.


Validation of Responsibility

Under his expertise, RCM’s Health and 401k exchange website is being developed as a new type of 401k program growing to meet the needs of incubators, startups, and modern quick moving organizations. RCM’s full financial lineup of financial services has made sure student loans do not affect the viability of retirement of our clients or their children. Together with Kurtis Kerstein he is making sure RCM continues to improve the technology of RCM Wealth Advisors to serve the clients today and in the future as wealth management evolves.